Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Straighten Up Series Day Sixteen

HELLO!!!!!! Did you think I forgot about you?!???

I promise I didn't!

Today has been busy!!

So here we are at day sixteen!

Today we are tackling out night stands!!! 

Just look at my drawer!! Geesh...why is all this crap in my nightstand!! About 95% of it needs to go to other places!!

So dump out those drawers and clean it out and only put back what you need there...I mean REALLY need!!! You can do it!

Share before and after pictures when you are done!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Straighten Up Series Day Fifteen

Hey ladies!!! How's your summer straightening up going?!?!? Great I hope!! If you're still hanging in here with us, "like" or comment below so we'll know you're still here!

So today we are going to tackle underneath one of our bathroom sinks! Pick one...any one!!!!

I don't even know what all this junk IS below mine!! ACK!!!!

The only things I really use under here are my blow dryer and my flat iron!!!

Be sure to share your before and after pictures!!! My goal for today is to get you an AFTER picture!!

Happy decluttering!!